This is not a good time for former President Donald Trump. This is not the future he had hoped for after leaving the White House. He is spending his post-presidency days at Mar-a-Lago Resort, Florida.  His neighbors believe that he cannot become a full-time resident in Florida because of certain legalities.

He has signed an agreement – that is under discussion – which does not let him become a permanent resident. His property named Mar-a-Lago is under strict surveillance and being monitored.

Former President, Donald Trump had bought Mar-a-Lago in 1985 and dedicated it as a members-only club in 1993. Therefore, if Trump wants to become a resident there, he will be violating a 27-year- old agreement with the residents.

According to this agreement, Trump cannot live on this property for longer than three weeks per year. He is only allowed to live there for seven days consecutively.

The residents were not happy when Donald Trump last visited this property during his tenure.

After the mob attack on the Capitol in Washington DC, Donald Trump has remained silent.

There are very few people left who are in support of Donald Trump while others have left him alone after he left the White House.

The Trump Organization is denying all the allegations against Donald Trump regarding his agreement about Mar-a-Lago. According to them, he can make this property a permanent residence without any permission from the court, and there is no legal issue pertaining to this matter.