Even though many believe Trump’s policy focuses on America only rather than other countries, but he has had a significant influence on the Israel and Palestine issue.

His policies have resulted in major compromises for the Israeli government as well as coercing the Arabs to reverse the country’s regional isolation. This in turn has weakened the Palestinians even further.

He has also acknowledged Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, which is a disputed area. The US Embassy now resides there and he has made the move of choosing sides in an issue that is a significant bone of contention between Israel and Palestine.

Moreover, he also proposed a Middle East peace plan, which heavily favored the Israelis by allocating the majority of the Palestinian territories to Israel. This plan was rejected by Palestine.

In addition to this, Trump also favors Israel in their claim to Golan Heights. This area lies in Syria but was taken over by Israeli forces.

Trump Legacy ContinueTrump also halted millions of dollars of humanitarian aid that Palestinians were receiving. He also closed the diplomatic offices of the country in Washington.

Even though many have raised the point that these are only symbolic gestures, however, they have had very real consequences. Israel has gained more confidence now with the continuous support of the US. Palestinians do not have any hope from Joe Biden either that he will rescind Trump’s policies.

Trump himself does not have very strong views about the Middle East besides his Islamophobic rhetoric. However, his policies have been influenced by his administration.

Trump appointed a former real estate lawyer from his organization as a representative for Middle East peace negotiations. He has little to no experience in foreign relations.

The President’s ambassador to Israel is also another lawyer from his organization. He is strongly in favor of settlements. Trump’s son-in-law also proves to have a strong say in the President’s policies. His views are also anti-Palestine and he has previously spoken about them with contempt.

The vice president and the secretary of state have both also played a major role in his policies in the Middle East. Their Catholic views influence their politics as well, and they believe that if Jews are influential all across the world, a biblical prophecy will be fulfilled.