William Barr was criticized by the right-wing media for his comments about the election. He has commented that there was no fraud committed in the presidential elections.

Barr had the status of standing up with the claims of Trump about the elections being rigged. But his recent comments suggested otherwise, and he was taken to task at a media trial.

Barr has the status of standing up with the claims of Trump

He has mentioned that there were no traces of fraud in these elections, and his comment is of great significance. This means that he believes that even if fraud did happen, it would not have changed the results.

This type of comment coming from a person who holds a prestigious position was unexpected. This is the reason that his comments were taken very seriously by the right-wing media and were discussed at length.

The right-wing media is suggesting that elections were rigged, and it is exactly what they spoon-fed to their audiences as well. The comments of Barr negate what right-wing media expected of him.

His comments were not only tough to digest for the right-wing media, but caused discomfort to Republicans. Trump’s propagandists wanted to make sure that their narrative is heard through right-wing media and he took a jibe at the attorney general.

This approach of propagandists meant that Barr’s comments were subjected to media trial to attract an audience. It is believed that Barr had allegedly switched sides and started supporting Democrats.

He was considered to be a liar or even a fool for making these comments regarding election frauds. The right-wing media went to great lengths to convince the audience that fraud was committed in these elections.

These comments were not easy for Barr to say as he was considered one of the most ardent allies of Trump. He has been supporting Trump about the mail-in voting problems that could potentially be the cause of fraud in the elections.

While Barr faced serious criticism from many, however, not everyone in the right-wing media criticized him. It is believed that it took a bold attitude from Barr to comment on someone he himself supports.

It takes a nerve to stand against the narrative that Trump has taken on the potential frauds in these elections. Barr is just suggesting that these allegations might not be true and some decisions by the courts suggest the same thing.