A major winter storm is aimed to hit the Central, southern, and eastern parts of the country in the upcoming days. Major winds, rain, and snow are expected throughout North Dakota down to northern Georgia and up to Maine. The storm has been named Izzy by the Weather Channel, offering more insights into what to expect in the days to come.

The AccuWeather meteorologist Bernie Rayno said confirming, “Get ready, a major snowstorm is coming,” and to expect “major travel headaches” throughout the areas that are under warnings. From the entire Northern Plains to New England the winter storm will take a U-shaped track followed by extremely cold air, rains, and ice.

Driving and traveling anyway will be dangerous in areas that expect the worst of the weather. The warnings are good to heed for anyone within the region, with exceptions later on as they can vary from projections to the actual days. From Friday to Monday, the Midwest, Northeast, and Southern regions will all be engulfed in snow.

AccuWeather Chief Meteorologist Jonathan Porter, reported, “It looks like a very strong storm system will unleash very significant snow across the interior parts of the Northeast, especially from the Appalachians up into the high ground of New York state and northern New England. In some locations, the snow can be measured in feet.”

Meanwhile, Senior Meteorologist Bill Deger from the AccuWeather added, “Enough cold air is likely to be in place for an all or mostly snow event from near and west of Interstate 81 corridor in the Northeast states, while near and south and east of I-95, rain is likely to be the primary form of precipitation.”

Winter storm warnings along with posts for watches have been set up for Roanoke, Virginia, Charleston, West Virginia, Pittsburgh; and Binghamton and Syracuse, New York by daybreak on Friday. The heavy snow, combined with extreme wind conditions are expected to make the storm a lot more hostile, even if not entirely make the most dangerous weather condition to occur within the region. About 12-18 inches of snow is expected throughout the Appalachians compared to the 2-3 feet during the blizzard of ’93.