According to an investigation, an employee at a hospital in Wisconsin took several vials of the Moderna coronavirus vaccine out of the refrigerator, resulting in more than 500 doses going to waste, after which he was promptly arrested.

The incident took place at Grafton, at Aurora Medical Center. The police reported the arrest of the individual, however, details of his identity or the motive behind his actions were not revealed.

The pharmacist was arrested on the charge of contaminating a prescription drug, jeopardizing safety, and causing property damage. The crime resulted in a damage cost of $8000 to $11,000.

According to hospital officials, they thought that the pharmacist removed the vials by accident. However, the former employee admitted that he had taken out the vaccines from the refrigerator deliberately. He was taken to the Ozaukee County Jail.

Earlier, the hospital administration released a statement that said that they were extremely disappointed and that this act goes against the key moral values of the hospital. They also believe the vaccine is the only hope to cure the pandemic, they added.

Once the Moderna vaccine has been thawed, it can only be administered within the next 12 hours. The majority of the vaccines had to be wasted since they were left out overnight and were unusable.

harmacist arrested after deliberately destroying more than 500 COVID-19 Vaccine DosesOne of the hospital officials explained at a press conference that they found out the vaccine had been thawed more than once after they had already vaccinated more than 50 people. All of the people who were administered this ineffective vaccine have been informed by the hospital authorities.

The United States is already facing a hard time achieving the results for the vaccination plan that is already in place. The Trump administration had aimed for 20 million vaccinations by the end of the year; however, only 2.8 million people have been vaccinated so far.

The vaccine is not available to the general public as of yet. According to Advocate Aurora Health, the parent organization of Aurora Medical Center announced that they had administered vaccinations to more 21,000 healthcare workers already.