A woman in Tennessee caused havoc as she drove her SUV through a Covid-19 vaccination camp, hitting several people in the process while chanting “no vaccine.” Hailing from Greenback, the woman in question has been identified as Virginia Christine Lewis Brown. Initially charged with seven felony counts of reckless endangerment, she was released on bonds that summed up to $21,000. Her court appearance is set for June 7, as noted by the Blount County Sheriff’s Office.

The shocking incident took place on a Monday morning at a Covid-19 vaccination tent, which was hoisted in the parking lot of Foothills Mall in Maryville. A report about the incident indicates the presence of two deputies from the Blount County Sheriff’s office, who said they were at the site when they saw a blue Chrysler SUV dash through the cone course, cross the check-in area, and move across through the tent area, where several health experts were preparing to administer vaccines to the public.

According to the report, the driver was driving at an exceptionally “high rate of speed,” and caught the attention of one of the deputies on duty. The report also contained an account from the deputies, who claimed to have been working at the location for a while. He affirmed how the vaccination tent had been set up in a proper place, where the parking area is “completely marked with signs and cones to advise the public of the event.”

As soon as the woman drove inside the tent, the workers rushed to the deputies, informing them of what had occurred. They said they heard the driver yell “no vaccine” as she plowed her SUV through the tent, missing the staff workers by an inch. Many of the workers thought the driver was going to kill them, according to the incident report.

One of the deputies chased the vehicle, asking the driver to stop the car immediately. The driver in question, 36-year-old Brown, apparently told the deputy that she was driving through the tent to object to the Covid-19 vaccination process. Showing no remorse for the incident, Brown further added how she was only going at 5 miles an hour.

Despite Brown’s conviction, the deputy took her into custody and sent her to the Blount County Jail, as stated in the report. On her way to jail, Brown allegedly made several statements about how she was driving her SUV through the tent to protest against the vaccines being administered.