In Las Vegas this week, a woman is accused of punching a six years old Asian boy and hurling racial remarks over him and his mother.

What you should know

The incident took place at The Shops at Crystals, a high-end shopping center located within the CityCenter complex.

@uhmmajo of Tik Tok was able to capture a portion of the alleged assault, which reveals the woman having a psychotic implosion.

The lady can be heard shouting “China” at one point, but it’s unclear what she was trying to convey.

@uhmmajo wrote on Twitter that the woman savagely assaulted his son. She punched his six years old son, the Asian boy while yelling anti-asian and racist slurs.

The woman eventually comes to a halt as she picks up scattered belongings on the floor. The video concludes with a mall security guard approaching and escorting her away from the scene.

The Aftermath

According to @uhmmajo, mall security simply let the woman go. It is unknown whether her child required treatment as a result of the incident.

According to @uhmmajo, her family will file charges. She also cautioned others to exercise caution, stating that “nowhere is safe.”

The video of the Asian boy being punched by the woman was retweeted and has since gone viral on Twitter. Numerous users condemned the woman’s alleged actions, while others speculated that she may be mentally unstable and under the influence of alcohol or drugs.