In one of the most nail-biting games of basketball, the UC Santa Barbara Women’s Team lost to UC Davis Women’s Team, despite being the favorites to win the game. The final scoreline was 67-65. The game was played at Thunderdome.

The UCSB started well in the first quarter, but they faltered in the second quarter – thanks to Cierra Hall and Sage Stobbart’s exceptional play, who combined to score 38 points for the winners. UC Davis came back from a 14-point deficit to outclass their opponents.

In the first quarter, UCSB had a 10-point advantage, but as the game progressed, they surrendered under pressure and eventually lost the game by just two points.

UCSB Coach Bonnie Henrickson believes that they had tamed UC Davis in the first quarter, but unfortunately, they failed to maintain the lead in the second quarter.

Hendrickson thinks that her team needs to work on their gameplan, so that they learn to hold on to the lead, in other games.

By the end of the third quarter, the Aggies had the lead of only one point, and they managed to hold on to the slender lead. They were able to turn the tables on UCSB in the final 10 minutes of the game.

Henrickson was not happy with the performance of her team. She claimed that ‘they were better than that’. It was just unbelievable for the coach to come to terms with this defeat. She is at loss to understand where the match was lost. She claims that the team needs to play with more discipline.

UCSB had the upper hand for most of the time, but a scintillating performance by UC Davis helped them come back stronger in the second half.

These two teams will again meet this week at 4:00 PM Standard Time. Will the fortune favor the UCSB the second time around? Let’s wait and watch.