Being a parent is a full-time job. Juggling everyday tasks makes you a pro at multitasking. With house chores and managing kids, you don’t leave with much time on your hands to have a full-time office-based job. Though, you need to get a job to provide your family with the best lifestyle. Unfortunately, very few jobs allow you to be both a parent and a professional.

But the real question is, do high-paying and legitimate work-from-home jobs exist? You bet! Covid has brought several work from home jobs for mom. With improved technology, you can conveniently get yourself a professional job while staying at home to help out your kids. Not just working moms can provide an additional income to their family but carve out legitimate home-based job careers for themselves.

For moms who just began starting their careers in a professional job and other work from home parents, we have listed some highly paid jobs along with their pay rate and job responsibilities. You can check them out and pick the one that fits best for you.

7 Work from home jobs for mom – 2021

Obviously, as a mom, you don’t have much time to check out individually about each job and its scope in the market. Your time is precious. Keeping that in mind, below, we have compiled the jobs that can flexibly fit your tight schedule.

1) Blogging

Highest pay currently: $80,500/annum

For a moment, you must be thinking that does blogging really pay your bills? You have no idea!

In the beginning, you need to have your ducks in a row and do some stuff for free. Once users find your content engaging, you will get more followers. That’s when the brands start eyeing you. However, the earning can drastically vary. The more you invest in your business, the more profitable outcomes you will get.

Here are some stats. According to research, 28% bloggers earn $10/month, 25% earn between $10 to $99/ month, and 17% earn between $100 to $499 per month.

2) Customer Service Representative

Highest pay currently: $52,000/annum

Customer service jobs are no more limited to offices only. If you have a mini vacant space at home, set up your office there. All you need will be a phone and a laptop and, of course home-based, a bunch of notes to look through to cater to your callers. If you don’t mind attending multiple phone calls and providing customer assistance, you could add this job to your list.

However, you need to be a bit techy as you will be using software programs to manage your tasks and provide updates to your company.

3) Data Entry Specialist

Highest pay currently: $129,700/annum

Work from home parents needs a flexible schedule. While managing kids and house chores, you might lag in meeting your deadlines. A Data Entry job can help you here. With this job, you can manage your routine tasks quite efficiently. For instance, you can perform your work when your kids are at school or down for sleep. However, you have to excel in a few skills if you want to get this job; attention to detail and efficient keyboard handling. Fortunately, the first one is something that parents get naturally, while for the latter one, you can work on it.

4) Writer

On an average: $63,215/annum:

Earnings for writers can vary to a great extent. It also depends on which type of writing you are going for. For instance, if you are writing a book, then you can receive royalties if it’s a hit, and who knows, you might not have to work for a few years to receive an income. As for content writing, Book Ghostwriting pays the most. If writing is something that you enjoy, you will find your work as a therapy. Isn’t it a great deal that you’re getting paid for therapy? Well, we think it is amongst the best work-from-home jobs for mom.

5) Virtual Assistant

Highest pay currently: $70,078

Virtual assistants provide administrative assistance to a company or a business. The job responsibilities include handling social media, responding to emails, scheduling work appointments, and setting up meetings. If it’s for an individual, it will also involve booking air tickets and hotels. Virtual assistance is a 100 percent home based job. For your convenience, you can do it part-time.

6) Online Tutor

On an Average: $$52,449/annum

Becoming an online tutor is another top-paying job in the US. If you hold a degree in bachelor’s then why not make use of it? It is the minimum requirement for providing online tuition. In fact, during the covid this is one the most flourished businesses as for working parents it is difficult to manage home-schooling. Or, if not school-going kids, you can provide English language classes to non-Americans.

7) Health Coach

Highest pay currently: $60,103/annum

If you are a fitness fanatic and work diligently on your health, you should better consider becoming a health coach. Nothing is better than making a living out of something you love doing. As a Health Coach, you can extend your services to new moms striving to get back in shape post-pregnancy. In fact, in covid several people have become conscious of their physical and mental health. So it’s probably the best time to get into this. The best thing about this job is that you will stay fit to keep your students in shape.


After reading this guide, you must be thinking about where to find such jobs, right? Well, most of the time, just search it on google or look for your desired jobs indeed. If you are up for a top-notch organization, Linkedin will be an excellent platform for sourcing a job. In some cases, if you don’t find any vacancies, which is a rare case, you can head to the company’s website you want to apply to, click on their career page and apply for a job from there.

Indeed, managing a job with family is overwhelming, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dreams. Just push yourself a little, and you will see for yourself how far you will go.