Individuals are as yet biting the dust, and medical clinic beds are crushed with the weight of coronavirus victims.

Starting in early April, half of the total populace currently either lives under some level of social-distancing rules and is confined in the houses dutifully, or taking a huge risk and working at the jobs to feed their families.

In the United States, cutbacks and vacations have become a new normal routine as the whole industry is whirling with the crisis.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to postpone every plan made for this year. In the midst of this, the planet’s open spaces have purged. For now only the most important travel needs are being catered. The rest of the tourism and travel industry has gone on a vacation due to the ban on all unimportant flights.

The tourist destinations all around the world have turned into towns that have become devoid of inhabitants.

The coronavirus pandemic has smothered the travel industry and tourists. This means some of our beloved destinations like Eifel Tower and the Great Wall of China have been abandoned to practice social-distancing. These tourist attractions are usually swarming with people and now the images are nothing short of sadness depicting some ghost-town. 

The world has reached a brief stop as billions of individuals are under lockdown. The boarders all across the world have closed for everyone but recently some of the restrictions have been lifted. The flights in some countries are re-enacted which gives us the hope that the famous tourist spots, which now are looking eerie, will be packed with the eager public again.

There are very restricted flight options for now and most of the countries have established places for quarantine on arrival. Still, the business giants are working towards post-COVID-19 deals to get back in business.

For tourists, money-spinning and lucrative deals are being offered, from cheap plane tickets to free entry into places. Some travel industries are even offering a free stay in hotels. The tourism and travel industry got the hardest blow from this pandemic. Now they are doing everything to attract as many travelers as they can to bring the industry back to life.

It is anticipated that COVID-19 is going to stay for a long time. For now, there is no cure and no vaccine for this deadly virus. While being confined in our homes all we can do is wait for the day when we can return to those awaiting destinations.