Key highlights:

  • China is prepared for testing blood samples from Wuhan
  • 200,000 samples were stored in 2019 at Wuhan
  • Neutral and foreign scientists are banned from the secretive testing of blood samples
  • Likely chances of revealing the first antibodies made by humans.

China is all set to test more than thousands of blood samples from the blood bank located in the city of Wuhan as a part of their Covid-19 origin probe, according to a statement released by Chinese officials. This testing will likely reveal the actual cause and origin of the deadly virus, which was first detected in Wuhan, China.

The scientists and investigators of the World Health Organization (WHO) pointed out the stock lot of 200,000 samples, which includes the samples from 2019 as a key source for checking the actual source or origin of the coronavirus and how it crossed to humans.

In the 2019 closing months, the samples were stored in the Wuhan Blood Center that provides real-time samples from the population of China that also includes Wuhan city where SARS-CoV-2 was first detected in humans.

As per the Chinese officials, the samples of blood were retained at the blood bank, in case they can be used as a source of evidence for any lawsuit or conspiracy against the country.

Since the two-year waiting was supposed to expire in October and November, this is the reason experts are testing those stored blood samples to determine how Covid-19 infected humans.

“Preparation for testing is currently underway, and confirmed testing would happen once the two-year limit was reached.”- as per officials of China’s National Health Commission.

“This provides the closest in the world we’ve seen of real-time samples to help us understand the timing of the outbreak event,” a foreign relations officer said.