Many of the Republican Party representatives have publicly censured Liz Cheney for voting to impeach Trump for his role in instigating riots.

Members of the Republican Party have even demanded resignation from Cheney over her vote. She is one of the most important Republican leaders to have supported the impeachment of the former President.

Voters in the state of Wyoming have shown their complete support for Trump by casting more than 70% of votes in his favor. This signifies that a growing number of state voters have sentiment against Cheney.

It is asserted by many Republicans that she has broken the trust of the party members and has wrongly supported the stance of the Democrats.

However, Rep. Liz Cheney has got support from various powerful members of the party.

It looks that the criticism of Cheney in the influential circles of the party is merely symbolic and may not have solid outcomes, and she would continue to serve the party.

She has proclaimed that it is obligated under oath of the constitution to speak in favor or against a matter and the political pressure cannot force her to change her views.

However, the latest move is likely to perpetuate as many other members of the party are interested in replacing her.  Sen. Anthony Bouchard has launched a campaign against her and has raised huge donations in his support.

Although Cheney is being criticized for her support for Trump’s impeachment,  it is no less important that she has come forward against Trump and supported his impeachment. There have been several other party members who censured Trump’s role in the last days of his presidency.