Xavier Worthy, revealed on Thursday that he has requested a waiver from his national contract with Michigan. He signed this letter back in December with Michigan.

Worthy was regarded as one of the class’s fastest hires in 2021. Xavier Worthy, a 6-foot-1 inch, 165-pound receiver, was Michigan’s second-highest level player behind athlete J.J. Fleck.

It’s a tragic conclusion to an absurd recruiting. Throughout the period, Worthy played games, pledging, then giving it up, contributing again, and finally quitting. Worthy was expected to start school right away. All seemed to be in order after he signed in December. However, due to certain recruitment problems, he was unable to do so because of some other reasons.

Rumors about the Transfer

Worthy was rumored to be still being recruited by Texas. And then it was reported that he might quit Michigan football to enter the Longhorns. He didn’t join the Longhorns instead he went to Ann Arbor.

He was scheduled to turn up for the offseason fitness program this summer. Then, on Wednesday, reports resurfaced, not long after Giles Jackson moved, and Worthy announced on Thursday.

Michigan Administration’s loss

Fans may want to point the finger at Jim Harbaugh, but this is not the correct approach. Even if it’s another example of why winning at Michigan is so difficult, it’s not Harbaugh’s problem. It’s up to the Michigan administrators to sort it out. This isn’t the first time recruitment has cost the Michigan football team a great player.

Academically, the process of approving a switch has become even more difficult. That was one of the reasons Lance Dixon, who played at West Bloomfield, chose West Virginia over Michigan, although many people expected him to go to Michigan.

This will most certainly never have occurred at Ohio State, Alabama, Georgia, Clemson, or any other prestigious program. It’s natural to be enraged by Worthy. It would be good to see him stick to his word for at least a season before moving on.

Worthy, on the other hand, wouldn’t be moving if he was engaged and only had brought it up during spring season football like Andrel Anthony did. In either case, it appears to be less probable. The entire thing is yet another example of the Wolverines struggling to win with one arm tied behind their rear and then wondering why they can’t keep up.