In Skokie, on Thursday, Yellow Line Service was suspended for some time due to a medical emergency. The emergency happened near the Oakton station around 7.45 pm. By 8.40 pm, the trains had already been recommenced on their routes.

Yellow Line Service is a train line that has 21 stations. It is a rapid transport of the Washington metro system. Yellow lines in Skokie are commonly called “Skokie swift” and they make their route from Northern Chicago to Southern Evanston, and make only one intermediate stop at Howard where the passengers can shift from yellow to purple or red trains.

The colors of the trains indicate the different paths these transit trains would be taking. So it’s easier to track them on maps and know about their routes and stations.

Chicago ‘L’ is a system of tracks that runs through the city to ensure travel through the busy city at all times. The different colored trains have different paths.

The police did not immediately provide information regarding what happened but they later disclosed that a lady appeared to have a medical emergency that was near the tracts.

Evanston’s police and fire department reached the site and took the lady to a nearby hospital.

Further details regarding the lady, her medical condition or the hospital to which she was reported are still unknown.

The police just informed that the train service was resumed soon enough.

Meanwhile, the Chicago Transit Authority tweeted regarding the whole situation without providing any significant details either.

They just stated the delay of their trains is to a sick customer and their staff is working on it. Later, they announced the recommencement of their services at around 9 pm.