Seemingly Scott Disick has spoken about the relationship he thinks between Travis Barker’s PDA and Kourtney Kardashian is more than it appears to be.

The 28-year model Younes, who had dated Kourtney Kardashian years before when Kardashian had her current relationship with Travis, took the screenshot of the conversation and uploaded it on Insta and put them on his stories claiming that the messages are from Scott.

Scott now appeared to have a blast on his ex, due to snide messages that seemed to have been sent recently to her ex Younes Bendjima – and seems like he’s not happy with the exchange.

Younes put Scott on the blast when he shared the screenshots of the alleged DM he got, which said

“Yo, this chik OK!” Brooo Like what is this in the middle of Italy,”  

The screenshot showed that an image is also attached where Kourtney and Travis are hanging out in Italy.

Scott, can be seen in the screenshot that he messaged Younes 28, with whom Kourtney was in a relationship from 2016-2018.

Where Younes not giving Scott what he was looking for, replied rationally even being 10-year old younger, and reflected the pure maturity by considering his ex’s happiness first it appeared to be the private conversation. He responded:

‘Doesn’t matter to me as long as she’s happy PS: I ain’t your bro.’

The duo of ex do not follow each other’s Instagram profile (which can be seen through the screenshot), to send a private message to Younes, Scott would have to obtain the other way to bring out the opposite reaction of his shared relationship with the ex.

The conversation seems like they never were in the conversation before and Scott had to search his profile to message him all the way. Younes replied in the continuation of his conversation with Scott saying he must keep the emotions and thoughts for him as were before talking to him.

He wrote:

‘Keep the same energy you had about me publicly, privately.’ 

Younes continued to defame Scott in another instastory. From that, he appeared to be bearing the heat from Scott for long but was quiet as he may find it irrational to respond to this stuff.

Couldn’t miss this one. He has been playing around for too long, tried to stay quiet and be the nice guy.’