It appears that YouTube is not accessible to users across the world. The online video sharing giant is one of the most popular social media platforms and users are left stranded with no update when the company will fix the issue.

So far, users can only see a message that reads “Oops,” which is accompanied by a notice saying that “something went wrong.”

YouTube is Down!However, it seems that the problem is not limited to just one platform as other services offered by Google, a subsidiary of Alphabet, have also been affected by this.

Fortunately, the search engine is still up and running – and people are using Google to find out what’s wrong with the platform.

This is not the first outage that the company is experiencing. Earlier this year in August, the company faced similar issues, which got resolved later.

Users See “Oops” Messages as they try to Access YouTubeAs per the company’s status page, there is no problem with the services. It is too early to say what has caused this issue since no official statement has been released by the company.

Users across the world are looking for answers, but unless an official statement comes out, nobody can say with absolute certainty what is causing this issue.