A number of short films that Dubai Tourism published recently were made by Zac Efron and Jessica Alba.

The Hollywood team, off-screen, seems to have become close friends, even convincing Alba that Efron appeared on her TikTok and did a dance performance.

A Shayan remix of Young T & Bugsey’ Don’tRush ‘with Headie One is performed by Efron and Alba. Jessica Alba said that she had convinced Zac Efron to perform a Tik Tok dance with her during their stay in Dubai when they were filming trailers for #DubaiTourism.

In contrast to Efron’s two minutes, Alba, who has also uploaded the whole TikTok on Instagram, claimed that it took her at least an hour to do the dance. The pair are well coordinated until they go away from the intended performance and style.

Since this is the TikTok video of Efron’s debut, it is only natural for hundreds of fans to rush to the comment section to express their joy.

One of the fans said she loves Zac and that he is getting hotter every day.  Moreover, many claimed that Jessica Alba and Efron’s dance was clearly like theirs.

Alba and Efron worked in Dubai during the last year, but the couple was only seen in official photographs and videos on Alba’s Instagram.

The duo has cooperated in six Dubai Tourism advertisements which will be published in the next few months. Each advertisement pays homage to a different kind of film, from event to romance. The various attractions of Dubai are also highlighted. In the next few months, Alba’s and Efron’s followers will surely be watching Albe’s TikTok in the hope that the biggest showman will take another turn.