The infamous fiasco between Will Smith and Chris Rock at the stage of the 94th Academy awards has received massive criticism from across the globe! Many Hollywood actors have come forward to register their opinion and Zoe Kravitz is no exception but she received a massive backlash over her criticism.

Zoe Kravitz condemned Will Smith’s action by taking on social media by posting her pictures from the award function captioned as “here’s my dress at the show where we are apparently assaulting people on stage now”

She was immediately schooled by Twitter users who reminded her of her past comments which were nothing but creepy.

Zoe Kravitz had made comments about Will Smith’s son Jaden when he was 14-year-old and they had worked together in the film After Earth.

She was 24 at that time.

Kravitz had boldly commented in an interview regarding Jaden that ‘There were moments that I was hanging out with Jaden and thinking, I can’t believe you’re 14, I have to check myself, like what I say to you.’

‘He has so much personality and so much swag, he is so much cooler than I am. And he’s so handsome, I was always like, when you’re older, you know, we’ll hang out…Nope, that’s inappropriate, you’re 14.’

The social media user called out Kravitz reminding her of her comments made her in no position to criticize Will Smith for his actions.

One of the Twitter users stated ‘I love Twitter for exposing these f-ing hypocrites like Jim Carret, Judd Apatow, Zoe Kravitz.

‘They want to judge Will Smith (a man who’s been a class act for 30 years) for one mistake as if they haven’t done worse. Get them all.’

The internet went berserk when an old interview of Zoe Kravtiz was re-shared where she and Jaden had walked the red carpet of Divergent together. She had said about Will Smith that  ‘He’s one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. Watching him and Jaden together, it was cool to see so much love in their father-son dynamic. He’s a superstar but he’s the sweetest, most normal, down-to-earth person, ever.’ No wonder hypocrisy is at its peak in Hollywood as people try to take sides in this burning issue of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock on the stage of the 94th Academy Awards, everyone is trying to share their 2 cents of wisdom just to gain a little publicity.