Being a part of the victory of New England against the Los Angeles Chargers, Jason McCourty showed a remarkable performance which led to the 41-28 win. Now, he has scored the first playoff of his entire career.

When asked, Jason said that he has been waiting for this chance for almost a decade and this is the reason he had been playing for all these years. He also thanked his teammate who he believes played a part in his success.

The player was also questioned about how playing in the playoff is actually like vs how he thought it’d be like. To which he compared it to being like a football game where you continue to fight and compete till the end.

Devin McCourty, Jason’s brother has spent the majority of his career in the AFC Championship. When asked about his brother’s first playoff win Devin said that he’s the kind of person who would want to keep winning despite and not let one win consume him.

He also said that he makes sure the team realizes this as well, and come to work the next day with the same spirit and need to win.

The Patriots were able to put a great game against the Chargers, where the quarterback of the opponent team, Philip Rivers, was seen upset over his team’s struggles.

When Jason was asked if he had noticed that he said that Rivers is an emotional person and he loves playing against him because you get to see his best in each game.

He also said that it’s natural to get frustrated when the opponents are scoring, and when you know they are great players as well, then your focus should stay on that without getting other feelings involved.

The Patriots are now trying to pave their way into their third Super Bowl where they’ll be competing against the Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game.