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Kristin Smart’s disappearance in 1996; Man charged with murder in 2021

Kristin Smart was a regular university-going student when she mysteriously disappeared in 1996.  Although she was declared dead in 2002, the case has still...


5 Best Stocks to buy in 2021

In February, the stocks increased because of expectations of another stimulus spending and the Federal Reserve's dovish commentary. They decreased again to aid the...

Invest your savings in companies with promising futures:

One of the best ways to multiply your savings; is to invest them in the stock market. This is the easiest and best way...



Two officers Sued for Raising the Weapons at an Army officer and Spraying him with Substance

Two Virginia cops have been charged for reportedly raising their guns on an Army officer during a traffic stop and spraying him with substance. According...



The Latest List of World’s 50 Most Popular Women

The Global role of women has often been appreciated whether it's the role in family upbringing or their role in politics, entertainment, or sports....


The Johnson and Johnson vaccine: What you need to know now

People who have received the dose of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine should not be afraid; remark federal officials, even after six cases of...

Will the vaccine reach everyone? What are the potential threats during the distribution process?

The day, Pfizer and BioNTech vaccines were approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the world saw a ray of light...

Michigan bears the brunt of the COVID-19 spread as the number of cases continues to surge

Despite the increasing number of vaccinations being administered each day, the coronavirus is over yet in the United States. The state of Michigan has been...

The second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine: do’s and don’ts and other queries answered

The United States is now administering 3 million vaccine shots per day. As more people get themselves vaccinated, newer questions arise regarding the second...

When will we live the “Normal” Once Again?

When will life go back to normal? This is undeniably a million-dollar question at hand for which people all over the world are anxiously...




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