People often engage in actions that become a source of amusement for others. They do dares and actions that are purely intentional, making them the center of attention.

The activities of people make them go viral or create headlines, and it is certainly not uncommon in the United States of America. Although most of these happenings are not harmful, some can hurt people.

Recently, an unusual incident occurred in Wichita Falls, Texas. The happening wasn’t any less than an amusement. The employees of Walmart at Wichita Falls called the Police to report a customer.

A woman was seen riding an electric cart while drinking alcohol from a snack container. The electric cart she was seen in is usually used by customers who experience mobility issues.

The woman got intoxicated and drank wine out of a Pringles can while riding the electric shopping cart. Texas Police arrived at the scene after 9 am and found the woman at a restaurant.

She was found in a restaurant near the Walmart and the police told her she has been banned from Walmart. One of the unusual things about the incident was that the woman had been drinking since 6:30 am.

Considering the inappropriate behavior, the employees wanted the woman banned from Walmart. They told the police that the woman had been drinking from a cardboard packaging since the early morning hours.

She has been reported to have roamed the store aimlessly and intoxicated on Friday morning. The police, after receiving the suspicious person call, came to the 2700 Central E Fwy at about 9 am.

Officer Jeff Hughes is a spokesperson for the Wichita Falls Police department and informed reporters about the person’s appearance. The employees at Walmart told the police that the woman was wearing a blue jacket and black pants.

When the police arrived at Walmart, responding to the call, the woman had already left the premises. This is when they began looking for the woman and found her at a nearby food restaurant.

Considering a standard Pringles can, it is cylindrical and thick enough to contain alcohol or any other liquid. The woman, however, had not been arrested or charged by the Texas Police.