Blackberry Ltd.’s trading session this past Wednesday saw the company experience some unfavorable circumstances. Shares for the firm dropped by 1.61 percent. Additionally, for the past 20 days, the moving average price for the stock has been around -11.69 percent. Meanwhile, the closing price ended up being $7.35. As indicated by data, one can conclude that Blackberry Ltd. traded 5,791,508 shares and the average volume of the shares was around 4,773.2K.

The rank for the individual stocks is determined by the extent to which they deviate from the market. Hence, it is important to measure and compensate these individual stocks amidst a period of investment. Beta refers to a measuring machine that allows one to determine the risk involved. For example, a stock could have 1.8 beta when assessed in relation to the market.

Stocks that move higher than the market gradually end up developing a beta over 1.0, while stocks that move lower than the market are able to maintain a beta less than 1.0. The trade-off for one or the other happens to be the fact that low beta stocks offer minimal risks to investors but also offer limited returns. In contrast to this, high beta stocks present investors with greater risk but also an opportunity for higher returns.

For the year of 2018, Blackberry Ltd. experienced earnings per share (EPS) growth rate of 137.70 percent. Investors generally have more confidence in stocks that have higher EPS growth as opposed to the ones that don’t. Worth noting, however, is that stocks with higher growth rates can potentially revert over time, leading to a more even growth.

The EPS growth that Blackberry Ltd. has forecasted for the upcoming year is around 11.89 percent. The EPS growth over the next five years is predicted to be around -13.93 percent.

Looking at the firm’s stock information tells us that 547.76M shares are outstanding and institutional investors own 56.60 percent of the company shares. The gross profit margin is 76.30 percent. The weekly performance of Blackberry Ltd. is -7.78 percent, while the monthly performance is -18.06 percent.